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Archives: May 2010

Using Multiple Virtual Numbers to Make AND Save Money
May 19th, 2010

Lots of information flows through your business’s phone lines. Potential customers who don’t leave contact information could still be reached if you had access to their caller ID. Marketing spending results could be tracked precisely if you could find out exactly how your call volume has been affected. Managers could confirm the movement of calls, showing that they’re processing leads and their staff is working properly.

But just having a plethora of raw call information is difficult to manage and hard to decipher. So here at Virtual PBX, we give your organization the ability to host an unlimited amount of phone numbers and forward those to all kinds of different destinations, while still tracking all the information and processing it into a set of easily manageable reports. Each phone number can further be specialized by having its own greeting as well as directing callers to specific destinations within the Virtual PBX.

Basically, any company trying to track caller response to advertisements, promotions, campaigns, find out about missed sales or prove proper call management needs to be able to get the records that show those pieces of information organized based on the phone numbers dialed. And anyone trying to direct calls to dedicated sales teams, handle multiple businesses, provide access to multiple retail locations, or give VIP access to special clients would benefit from being able to have individual numbers for each of those possible purposes.

So there are many reasons to use extra phone numbers — and every reason is very specialized. Using extra numbers to support a franchise is going to be completely different from tracking marketing information from inbound callers.  The Marketing group is going to want one or more phone numbers for each advertisement, promotion, or campaign.  By doing this, they can measure their advertisement effectiveness, and thus optimize their advertisement costs. This is accomplished by tracking all call detail such as caller ID, date and time of the call, call duration, and destination of the call – even on missed calls and, in most cases, callers who have blocked their caller ID.  Franchisors, on the other hand, may want to track similar information, but at the same time they need to get the calls directed down to their franchisees and regional offices as fast as possible.

Regardless of the needs of your business — from individuals, to home offices and small businesses, to large enterprises — you only pay for what you need, with no wasted resources or dollars. With the ability to track and route a company’s inbound calls like no other call forwarding, call tracking, or virtual phone system in this market, the Virtual PBX service is the best choice for companies serious about measuring and optimizing the flow of information and budgets.

From The Desk Of The CEO – Vacationing With Virtual PBX
July 13th, 2009

We interrupt our normally scheduled postings for a word from our CEO, Paul Hammond.

So, I’m finally going to be taking my first vacation in four years. I’m heading out to Italy for a while, and am researching the ways to stay in touch with work and family without paying an arm and leg to my US iphone cell phone carrier that shall remain nameless.

After a conversation with a very nice rep with said carrier, I was still in shock to know that I will have to pay $2.00 a minute to send and receive calls whilst in Italy. It’s a good thing I don’t plan on talking that much, but the high costs got me thinking about how I can stay in touch and still have my legs to walk around Florence and my arms to hold the camera.

I’d been hearing about how we at VirtualPBX.com have almost got our international phone service up and running. The idea is that we can provision a local number in a foreign country and have it ring directly in the VirtualPBX system. So I went to ask about how that was going and after three minutes on the computer, the team allocated me a local number in Florence, Italy. It rings directly into the VirtualPBX, and I can now have access to all our employees, voicemail, and dial tone to make outbound calls.

I’m also going to need a phone to use when I get there so that I can call my new number at local rates so I’m bringing my old RAZR and when I get into Italy, I’ll just drop into a local phone store and switch out the Cingular SIM chip for a local SIM chip.  Quick, easy, buy a big pack of minutes for local calls there, save a whole bunch of money.

With my new local Italian SIM chip in my phone I will simply call the Florence number at the cost of a local phone call, reach my messages and business services as needed, and use the outbound dialing feature to connect me to anyone I want to talk to at home – mostly my kids, but I can keep track of anyone I want to without having to pay international rates.

That’s way cheaper than the $2.00 a minute that the major phone companies would be charging me. And if I meet anyone in Florence that wants to call me, I just give them my VirtualPBX Florence phone number, they will reach the main auto attendant, they can dial my extension and the VirtualPBX will call out to my cell phone – the new Italian one of course!

If anyone else wants to test the Italian VirtualPBX number, it is 39-055-398-0579, and it’ll take you straight to our main system.  I’m really excited about seeing how the total price compares when I get back from my trip.  I’ll keep track of the number of minutes of phone time I use and let you all know how it goes.  If you’d like your own international number in one of over 40 countries, send an email to beta-testers@virtualpbx.com and ask to be part of our international beta program.  Meanwhile, ciao, and Italy here we come.

Paul Hammond