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Essential Information To Help You Sell VirtualPBX
Essential Information To Help You Sell VirtualPBX
Selling a Virtual Phone Service: Overview

When putting together an affiliate website that will refer leads and customers back to VirtualPBX, it’s important to make sure that your website is going to be found and read. Whether you’re putting together a new affiliate website or adding information about us to an existing one, a good linking strategy can help to make sure your affiliate website gets more hits. Make sure you give a look at the section on keyword strategy to help you determine what search terms you’re focusing on, then make a linking strategy using the guidelines below.

Whenever you use an important term, also make it a link. By having a good volume of links, your affiliate website gets considered more ‘connected’, and rises in page rank. So don’t just include one link at the bottom, include them throughout. When you talk about major virtual PBX features, you can link to the VirtualPBX page on that feature. When you use the term virtual PBX, by making it a link back to our homepage you can provide more depth to your website, which increases its value with modern search engines. And most importantly, make sure you’ve got links between all your own webpages. If you’re doing a site about useful business services, then try to have your other pages talk about virtual PBX and link back to your VirtualPBX affiliate website. Also have your virtual PBX page mention what other services compliment it well – then make a series of links to those pages.

Link placement is an important consideration. Make sure that the words you have as the link are the same as the keywords for the page that they are linking to. So if the keyword term on a page is “Hosted PBX”, use the text “Hosted PBX” in links that go to that page, rather than “click here” or some other term. However, not every such line needs to be a link – usually only include one per keyword, two for a large website where you want links both at the top and bottom. In this case, use of banners or graphical links may be a better choice.

Make sure that your links have context. If you just post a link to our Greeting Manager feature, then write a line or two explaining that the greeting manager helps businesses to keep track of what customers first hear when they call your VirtualPBX account. By doing so, search engines will recognize the link as being part of your website’s content – otherwise, they’ll discard the link as unrelated to the page.

Repurpose your content. If you’ve already written content, you don’t have to start over. Just go back through what you have, and change a few sentences. Incorporate some links, and include an additional page or two. Also make sure you cache the pages using standard webmaster tools, and you’ll start to see improvements in your page rank within a day.

Essential Information To Help You Sell VirtualPBX
Selling a Virtual Phone Service: FAQs

Email Marketing & Forums

Much more dynamic than a standard website, using direct communication like email and message boards requires a high degree of personalization. When used effectively, you can get a direct message to a group of people more likely to consider and investigate the offer. When used poorly, you just wind up flooding people with advertisements that turn them away from you.

Obviously, VirtualPBX doesn’t support any kind of spamming practices, so all communication has to be tailored to the people or locations you’re contacting. Always consider who you’re contacting, what the target audience would be interested in, and make sure any comments are relevant, rather than unsolicited. One good example is to use message boards relevant to your business, and mention that other people in similar lines of business could benefit from using virtual PBX the same way you have. It’s good to also build at least a basic, one-page website that you can link to for more information, and which will also include your affiliate link so that you can get credit for the referral instead of linking directly in the forum or email. That extra level of depth can greatly improve your apparent credibility.

Important tools and resources here would be the text clips and some small banners, as well as perhaps a link to a video demo. Since forum posts and email tend to have less content than a full website and are perused more quickly than newsletters, make sure you open up by talking about the audience and subject, then lead quickly to why virtual PBX should be used by them. This sort of approach will greatly increase the amount of positive attention your messages receive.


If you send out periodic newsletters and emails, or if you maintain a business blog, you can include banners and text clips to refer your readers through the VirtualPBX affiliate program in order to increase your revenue. While these tend to be harder to start up from scratch, even a brief mention can attract a great deal of interest.

Since people who read newsletters tend to be specifically looking for interesting information, starting with a value statement is usually best. We have numerous text bites that you can customize to fit your particular newsletter, as well as several graphics you can add to increase interest.

If you want to make the most of what attention your newsletter comments on VirtualPBX receives, including a small website that provides extra details and links to some of our information can help people to think over how they can use the service.


Blogs are websites that provide a forum for discussion of a variety of topics. There are countless websites that serve this function. Many blogs are defined as an online journal or diary. Other blogs focus on a specific range of interests, include contributions from various users and are set up as a discussion board. Consider creating a blog in a forum having to do with topics associated with virtual PBX, such as technology or telecommunications.


“Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” –

Twitter is arguably the hottest new social networking tool out today. You are limited to a message length of 140 characters. Because of the short message length, people may be more likely to read your posts. Users who find the messages you post useful will likely choose to follow you. Trending topics are displayed in the right column of twitter pages and indicate what is being twittered about most.


“Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” –

Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to connect with their family and friends through a series of private and public networks, created by city, workplace, school and/or region. People can find friends, private message them, and post on each other’s pages in a section called a “wall”. User pages and information can be displayed publicly, set to private, or be limited to an individual’s chosen friends list. You may even wish to set up a VirtualPBX fan page as your home base.

Many Types Of Businesses Can Benefit From VirtualPBX
Selling a Virtual Phone Service: Target Market

Being familiar with your target consumer market will be key to your success in our affiliate program. VirtualPBX customers are typically small to mid-sized businesses, often looking for business phone service that is an alternative to a hardware PBX. They want advanced features that are normally only available through a PBX, such as Automated Call Distribution (ACD Queues), without the price tag or headaches that come with owning an in-house system.In some cases, VirtualPBX offers complementary features to an on-premise PBX. For example, when a business has employees who work off premise, such as remote offices, telecommuters, and travelers, these employees can still be accessible through a single local or toll free number.VirtualPBX has the strongest appeal with businesses that need a suite of services and functions, distributed employees, as well as a high level of reliability from their business phone service.

VirtualPBX Phone Service – Ideal For:

Many Types Of Businesses Can Benefit From VirtualPBX

Sole proprietorships, startups, and small or medium businesses:

  • Sole proprietorships and small or medium businesses that need a professional sounding phone service.
  • Start-up companies that require an immediate business phone service while their employees are still working from home.
  • Companies who are cutting costs in today’s difficult consumer market and want to replace their existing hardware PBX with a solid alternative.
  • VoIP users who wish to keep costs low and still take advantage of a robust PBX style phone service


  • International businesses that need a professional U.S. presence without establishing a physical office.
  • Corporations that need to enhance their existing business phone service by adding a feature-rich front end
  • Corporations that cannot afford the loss of communications with personnel and/or customers during disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires or other unanticipated events.

Businesses with multiple remote locations, remote call centers, distributed offices, virtual offices/businesses, franchises:

  • Companies with distributed personnel and offices who desire a business phone service that helps them achieve a single location presence and functionality.
  • Call centers that need ACD (automatic call distribution) capabilities to route callers to various departments such as sales, support, or customer service agents, especially when the agents are not all working from a single geographic location.
  • Business whose employees frequently work from home or on the road i.e., service and delivery personnel, real estate agents and insurance professionals.
  • Bridge multiple offices together under the umbrella of a single toll free number by connecting the phone systems of multiple offices regardless of what type of business phone service is installed at each office. Bypass T1 expenditures for dedicated connections between remote offices.
  • Consulting or manufacturing rep businesses where a group of diverse specialists want their business phone service to give the impression of a single company and wish to be locatable no matter where they are.
The Benefits Of Social Networking
VirtualPBX Partner Program: Social Networking Information
  • Generate buzz about VirtualPBX products and services.
  • Encounter potential new customers who are already interested in topics related to VirtualPBX phone service.
  • Easily market to a wide audience at no additional cost to you.
  • Funnel more traffic to your properties or websites.
  • Establish a personalized, one-on-one forum to communicate with prospective and existing clients.
  • Social networking is inbound marketing, so you are accessing individuals with their permission.
How To Create A Social Networking Strategy
VirtualPBX Partner Program: Social Networking Information
  1. Create a list of which media you intend to use, the goals you wish to reach, and what process you will employ to reach those goals.
  2. Sign up for an account at one or more social networking sites.
  3. Link to VirtualPBX and build awareness of our phone service. Remember that many businesses are unaware of hosted PBX services and do not know how VirtualPBX products can help them.
  4. Browse for people who may fit the demographic you are marketing to and add them as a friend. It is likely they will add you too!
  5. Add friends if others friend/follow you. It is good etiquette to return the favor.
  6. Create posts about anything and everything, especially topics that your target audience may be interested in.
  7. Contribute to threads. Look for posts related to telecommunications or more specifically, hosted PBX services, and post useful information.
  8. Offering assistance can earn trust from other users, rather than bombarding them with a sales pitch up front.
  9. Post frequently, daily if possible.
  10. Build a reputation for yourself online. Get your name out there and make yourself a known industry expert.