Bus Bridge – Solve Commuting with Telecommuting

Bus Bridges and TelecommutingBus Bridge. These two words have the power to strike fear into the hearts of all railway commuters everywhere. This means that, for whatever reason, there is a portion of track that cannot be traversed with the typical comfort and speed of a train car and that the passengers on board will need to disembark for a game of Hurry-Up-And-Wait. The wait game is no joke in this scenario because, as you might be able to guess, the amount of passengers that can fit on one bus is slightly less than can fit onto a train. Plus add into the mix a bunch of folks with bikes or bulky luggage for an airport trip, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lot of late arrivals and missed meetings.

Always RSVP Yes

You don’t have to be a telecommuter to benefit from the tools that telecommuting uses. Specifically, having a remotely hosted business telephone system means you can have all of the functionality of the office’s full-fledged enterprise network anywhere you can get an internet connection. Furthermore, with plans like Dash Unlimited that come with unlimited minutes for you and your team to use however they see fit, when you confirm your attendance to a meeting, you can be secure knowing that you’ll always make it.

Tip of the Telecommuting Iceberg

With a comprehensive virtual telecommunications solution like Dash, companies that switch from a traditional phone system do much more than save on their most important operating expense. Switching to Dash is the first step in adopting unified communications as a pivotal part of their business communications strategy.

After learning exactly how much the integrations and compatibilities of a hosted solution have to offer, nothing will compare to a unified communications solution again. Plus, with the cost benefits being as impressive as the possibilities inherent in a cloud-based system, there really is no reason to delay in making the switch. Start now by taking a free demo of VirtualPBX’s award-winning VoIP platform and learn how to maximize your communications on the good commutes, the bad commutes, and everything between.

Infographic – Spring Cleaning Your Communications

Even though some of the erratic weather patterns we have would suggest otherwise, it is actually springtime. That means a lot of things, but most notably that it’s time to think about some of that eponymous cleaning frenzy that we all know so well. If you’re anything like the millions of businesses still struggling to justify the headaches and expenses of a traditional, on-site PBX phone system, you have a few extra things to tidy up. Take a look at these spring cleaning tips for your business communications and learn what a clean, streamlined business phone system like Dash can do for you.Spring Cleaning Business Communications

Zombie April Fools’ Day


Okay first things first- there has not, I repeat, NOT, been any reports about the recently deceased becoming reanimated nor do we know anything about roaming hordes of soulless monsters hell-bent on feasting upon the brains of the living. Again, as far as we know, you should not hunker down in a safe, remote location and begin to rebuild civilization. Well, not unless that’s your thing in which case who am I to judge, but just don’t do that because you think we’re in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Not all Fun and Games

We hope with every fiber that you never have to worry about crafting a makeshift hatchet out of your mobile phone. But we are, however, interested in sharing news about the VirtualPBX Softphone App and are not opposed to cooking up creative and fun ways to do that. So no matter which one of these avenues you came down to this particular blog post today, we hope you leaned something new, started to consider the advantages of a hosted communication service, and most importantly, had a little fun in the process. If you missed the other stories we had for today, here they are below-

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Follow Me Calling
Follow Me Calling

How Did it All Begin?

Much like the opening sequence of any one of a cavalcade of cadaver-packed cinema, this idea was born in deepest recesses of a spooky and remote laboratory. More accurately, it was a staff meeting of the VirtualPBX Marketing Department. When we were considering the many different disaster scenarios a company could face that would be more easily navigated with the aid of PBX Parachute, we naturally found Zombie Apocalypse nudge its way onto our list. This happens because, of course, there are never any wrong answers during a brain storm, but I digress. After the third or fourth mention of the topic, however, it became clear that we needed to find a way to make this work and, seeing as how Halloween was just far too long to wait, an April Fools’ Day idea was born.

Thanks for being good sports about this and if you have any further questions about hosted communications features, disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, or if you just want to talk about zombies, we’re always standing by to hear from you!

Infographic – VoIP Phones and Devices

In a recent case study, MDGI President Scott Mullins commented, “the tech you’re using shouldn’t be a comment on a call.” Continuing, “with others the tech gets in the way and there are a lot of excuses, with VirtualPBX it just works.”

While we certainly enjoy the compliment, one of the reasons VirtualPBX works as easily as it does is the fact that with VirtualPBX, customers don’t need to restructure their day around their phone system. Their phone system keeps up with them at the office, the home office, on the road, and virtually anywhere they have internet access by employing VoIP phones and devices that go beyond a traditional desk phone.

VoIP Phones and Devices

VoIP Phone Features

VoIP Phone FeaturesWith advanced communications platforms comes hardware that is built to handle an advanced system. The original VoIP phones were already leaps in technology over their copper-wire-bound brethren, but the power of the current field of unified communications demands even more from the handsets that connect to it. With all of the advanced features of VoIP plans like the all-new Dash and with incredible VoIP Phones becoming more readily available than ever before, it’s good to get familiar with some of the more useful options out there. After doing so, it becomes clear that the VoIP phone features that are available today are far away from what was originally expected from a desk phone.

VoIP Phone Features

A quick glance of the list will probably reveal some of the expected VoIP phone features, but upon further review it’s clear that these phones hold more than meets the eye.

  • Power Over Ethernet – More commonly referred to as PoE, this enables VoIP telephones to receive electrical power over the same cable that the actual call data will travel over. Not only does it cut down on wiring bird’s nests at a workstation, but it also allows for more robust electrical circuitry in the phone itself.
  • HD Display Screens – It’s no surprise that the most advanced phones on the market will also come with the best trim package options, too. That is certainly the case with the prevalence of high definition, even full color and touchscreen, LCD displays that come with many new phones. More than just a new bell or whistle, though, the amount of communications data these phones can manage calls for a more easily navigated heads up display.
  • Analog Phone Adapters – Some VoIP phones aren’t even VoIP phones at all. With certain up-cycling devices, you can use existing analogue telephones on a VoIP network without losing too much of the voice quality that comes from a hosted option.
  • HD Voice – And speaking of voice quality, hosted communications are crystal clear and fully digital, high definition sound requires a telephone capable of handling such high quality audio. VoIP networks provide the highest sound quality and the final step in delivering that to business callers is finding VoIP phones that are made for this fast, crystal clear audio.

With so much functionality packed into modern, feature-rich VoIP Phones, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination for where the next generation of hardware will go next. Fortunately for the business community, VirtualPBX is hosting a webinar with Yealink, a company that has been working on just that.

Join us on Wednesday, April 6, at 11:00 AM Pacific for a first look at the Yealink T4 series VoIP phones as they operate on the all-new Dash for Business hosted telephone platform. We will be fielding questions live from Twitter throughout the webinar so sign up now and reserve your spot!