Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX: When Free Actually Means Free

free web phone from virtualpbxThere has been a lot of talk lately about the “freemium” business model that many popular apps have to entice users. Rightfully so, too. In the light of the fallout that came from the recent illumination into the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica privacy violations, the topic of what free actually means in the internet era has taken more of priority for many. This event struck such a chord with the public because tens of millions of Facebook users learned their personal information was used in direct violation of their understanding of the platform’s privacy agreement. Additionally, the social media site’s other billion-plus users were dismayed to learn that they had unknowingly been allowing their friends’ applications to mine their own data regardless of what the privacy settings they had chosen for themselves were. Basically, the net result here (in addition to a Congressional hearing for mister Mark Zuckerberg, himself) is that the saying that, “If the product is free that’s because you’re the product,” rings truer now in the minds of internet users than ever before. This is where we’d like to suggest that, though there are some suspiciously good deals out there to be wary of, every now and then you can come across one that actually holds water, too. Specifically, the all new and free Web Phone from VirtualPBX is our gift to the VoIP community in that it’s our very first, completely free VoIP phone option.

How Can a Free Web Phone Actually Be Free?

At this point, a healthy level of skepticism about anything free, especially in the tech space, isn’t out of line at all. What makes the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX so special is that we’ve built it ourselves, in-house. Using the open-source WebRTC (Web-based real-time calling) platform and leveraging our decades of hosted telecom expertise, we were able to construct a nimble, clean, and simple VoIP phone that we can offer to our customers. Plus, because we built it ourselves, there’s no licensing fee that users need to pay to third-party developers. Additionally, all of our work is already completed and because it’s a digital property, it’s not like we have inventory to pay off or anything. That’s why we get to offer the completely free Web Phone to all of our customers without a moment’s hesitation. And maybe you caught the only catch in that sentence, but it’s only free to our customers. The VirtualPBX Web Phone could theoretically manage all hosted communications for any user, anywhere. But because we want to continue building value for our VoIP users, the VirtualPBX Web Phone is exclusively available to users on a Dash VoIP Service Agreement.

How Does a Free Web Phone Work?

The way the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX works for Dash VoIP users is identical to how any VoIP phone works on Dash. That is, minus the cost of buying it, of course. Either way, Dash customers can get access to the free Web Phone for all of their users and whenever it’s used, the only cost is that the minutes are drawn from whatever pool of minutes that account has. Plus, because the VirtualPBX Web Phone works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and is totally supported by our engineers according to our exacting standards, it can be operated on literally any web-enabled device, tablet, or telephone. That’s the kind of flexibility and service that VirtualPBX customers have come to expect, and it’s also proof that the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX is the one time when free, actually means free. Switching to VirtualPBX is easier than you think, too, and if you take advantage of this limited time offer, you can switch to VoIP on VirtualPBX and save!

3 Reasons to use Texting for Work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business

texting for workIf you don’t know by now, you should probably read more of our blogs, but we’ve recently launched our first 4G LTG nationwide Mobile for Business feature, and it’s awesome. Not only can you use the latest phones with all of their bells and whistles for your business line, but unlike simply having a mobile carrier handle your business accounts, this is all metered, billed, and managed from your VirtualPBX business telephone service plan. That means that you won’t ever have to worry about expense reports clogging up your accounting department again, plus it means that the full host of advanced features that you expect from your VoIP business phone are also all available and compatible on your business mobile phones, too. But there’s one more aspect of Mobile for Business that’s worth noting, and that’s the ability to leverage traditional mobile features as part of your overall business communications strategy. That’s why we wanted to review some of our own favorite reasons to use texting for work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business.

Texting for Work on VirtualPBX Mobile for Business

Before we begin with our top situations where texting for work is so great, we want to acknowledge the obvious elephant in the room of, of course, there are about a million different reasons to use texting. But to distill that reality down into a handful of relatable use cases, we’re sticking with just three today. You can feel free to tell us which ones we should have included on Facebook and Twitter, though, so keep them in mind and we can possibly add them to another list down the way. But without further ado, here are the best times to use texting for business.

  1. Appointment Information Texting updates to existing events is a valuable way to quickly disseminate vital information. Airlines can let travelers know about a gate change for connections, and as a business owner, you can send text messages to attendees of a meeting about room changes just as easily. Also, just simple reminders to clients about their appointments with you is a personable and effective way to stay engaged and front of mind, as well. The point is that never missing an appointment is just good business, and staying on top of that is easy with texting for business with VirtualPBX.
  2. Micro Conversations Just like we use texting in our personal lives to augment the communications between people, Mobile for Business can accomplish the same with texting for business. Whenever you need to send a quick update on a project or client or just offer a quick insight on any topic when a phone call may be too much, a quick text is the best way to go. This is because, unlike email, people tend to have a shorter response time to texting than email so these micro convos are ideally had over texting when they can also happen in a timely fashion.
  3. Under the RADAR Okay, this one can initially sound a little unscrupulous at first, but it doesn’t have to be done in a deceitful way. But, having the ability to quickly and discretely send a colleague a small note without interrupting a presentation or client meeting is actually invaluable. If there is new information that arises in a meeting that you have insight on but didn’t get to cover beforehand, if there is a discrepancy that needs to be noted or anything else that would be an inappropriate interruption to discuss but that still warrants a mention to your team is a candidate for using texting for business when you need to stay under the RADAR.

Getting Started Texting for Work on Dash

Even though Mobile for Business is one of the latest and most anticipated business telephone features we’ve rolled out in a while, it’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. All Dash Business Phone Plans include a cadre of advanced features and functions that far exceed whatever you’d be able to get from an on-site telephone option and they all come included with every plan from Basic to Unlimited. So what are you doing still having multiple telephone providers for your single business? It’s time you consolidated and saved at the same time all while boosting the performance of your business telephone with VirtualPBX, texting for business, and the unlimited flexibility and power of business VoIP!

The All-New and Totally Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX

Consumers are fleeing the costs of traditional cable television access in droves, and that trend has begun playing out in the business world, too. We’re tickled about that, frankly, as VoIP plans like the award-winning Dash Service represent a similar departure from the costly and cumbersome legacy business telephone systems of yore. And why wouldn’t they? Nothing is more scalable, affordable, or versatile in the world of telephony than a cloud-based telephone platform. And today with the introduction of our brand-new, proprietary, and totally free Web Phone, the switch to a cordless business operation is easier and more affordable than ever.

free web phone from virtualpbx

Using the Free Web Phone from VirtualPBX

Unlike softphones or other digital VoIP device facsimiles, the free Web Phone from VirtualPBX is based on open-sourced WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) technology, so it operates on code that is totally native to popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This also means that, just like those web browsers themselves, the VirtualPBX Web Phone is free, has zero licensing fees, and never requires downloads or maintenance on the part of the end user. The VirtualPBX Web Phone is no different than any other VoIP device in that it has all of the same advanced features that are expected from a modern cloud-based telephony product. Also, pooled minutes from an account will be drawn from no differently by using the Web Phone than they would with anything else.

Add a Free Web Phone To Dash

The process of adding a VirtualPBX Web Phone to a Dash Service Plan is just as simple as well. It can be added to a list of devices and selected for any user in just a matter of clicks. This means that whenever a business decides to switch to VoIP, it can literally be up and running and on the (web) phone within minutes. And because the VirtualPBX Web Phone is backed by the complete assurance that comes with 365 days a year of 24/7 access to the most awarded Customer Support Team in the industry, you’ll know that even the slightest challenges can be solved with a quick phone call. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade your VoIP experience and start using the free Web Phone today!

The 3 Reasons to Use Mobile for Business from VirtualPBX

reaosns to use mobile for business on opening dayLike we’ve discussed in the past, sports often impact how Americans choose to work, or more commonly, not work. That’s why today, in recognition of the official opening of the Major League Baseball regular season, we’re focusing on the latest technology that fuels remote working, VirtualPBX’s new Mobile for Business feature. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the three most important reasons to use Mobile for Business on opening day, or any day afterward.

The 3 Reasons to Use Mobile for Business on Opening Day

While most, if not all, advances in telecommunications were likely not born out of need to spend more time goofing off at sporting events or sports bars, Mobile for Business on the award-winning Dash Service Plans from VirtualPBX may as well have been. That said, take a moment to realize that although these are uniquely advantageous benefits insofar as enjoying America’s pastime is concerned, they’re actually far more useful in the course of a regular workday, too. But without any further ado, because the first pitch won’t wait for anyone, here are the three reasons to use Mobile for Business.

  1. Caller ID Options By being able to toggle whatever number is displayed when you’re using a VirtualPBX enabled mobile phone, you can effectively show your whereabouts as anywhere you choose. That means if you wanted to hide the mobile number associated with your device and have all outgoing calls show your office number, you can do that. This is useful if you happen to be, say, in the concourse between innings making a call to an important client. Hypothetically, of course.
  2. Pooled Minutes All Mobile for Business phones on a Dash service plan will share the same pool of minutes that the overall organization is allotted. At first glance, that may seem pretty straightforward but it also means that your excessive ballpark business activities won’t show a spike in your mobile minutes when you bring in an expense report. All of the Mobile for Business phones on VirtualPBX will show the same type of use as any other device would have. It’s all about covering your tracks, after all, right?
  3. Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage Is your home team traveling on their opening day? Want to schedule your sales roadshow to coincide with an away-game series? No problem! Because VirtualPBX operates the only 4G LTE nationwide network specifically for your Mobile for Business needs, that means that you can go anywhere and still have the same, crystal-clear coverage that you expect from all of our VoIP products. Heck, you can even go down to some of the Single-A League games and be connected there, too!

Even More Reasons to Use Mobile for Business

The baseball season is long, so don’t overdo your time away from the office just yet. Plus, after the boys of summer are done and provided you haven’t burnt too many bridges along the course of the season, you’ll be able to use the entire array of Mobile for Business features well into next year’s Spring Training, too. The three reasons to use Mobile for Business we’ve listed above are helpful in a pinch(hitter), but they’re also just the tip of the iceberg. You can get the inside(baseball) on the other reasons to use Mobile for Business anytime, too. And remember that posting your Opening Day shenanigans on social media where all of your coworkers can see them is a total rookie mistake that you should avoid making. Instead, why don’t you share where you’re watching the game with us on our own social pages on Facebook and Twitter? We promise we won’t tell as long as you promise to bring us back a chili dog and garlic fries.

Have You Signed Up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta Yet?

Sign-Up-For-VirtualPBX-Mobile-for-Business-BetaUnless you were hiding under a rock, or perhaps you were out traversing the glaciers of Iceland, you probably heard about the big news we had the other week. By launching the open beta period for our new Mobile for Business, we’ve begun an entirely new epoch in business communications. Because, until now, businesses haven’t had the option to keep their employees’ mobile phones up and running without including a cumbersome reimbursement program into their business communications plan. But now that there is a truly mobile feature available that’s native to your existing business phone plan, all of that is a thing of the past. Now, the only question left isn’t, are you ready to streamline your business mobile phone use, it’s rather, have you signed up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business beta yet?

The Time To Sign Up For the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta is Now

One of the key things to remember is that, sure, this is a beta of a late-stage product feature. That means that we’re far enough down the Product Roadmap to introduce a fully-functioning mobile phone feature to our customers. However, because there is always a small window for some final tweaks and refinements, this is your chance to participate in that last stage of development. That said, maybe there is an insight you can offer or a perspective we haven’t considered that will be valuable to your employees and to users all over the world. In order to bring the absolute best experience to the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business feature, we’d love to have your input. However, as much as your two cents would be worth their weight in gold (too many currency metaphors?), we have to inform you the window of opportunity is closing very soon. We’ve gotten a great response to the beta period for Mobile for Business and have a few more slots to hand out, but they’re not going to last much longer. So unless you’ve already signed up for the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business beta, your last chance to do so is in the next two days.

What You Need to Know About the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business Beta

Everything about how the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business feature works is available on the beta sign-up page, but we wanted to underscore some aspects of it again here. First and foremost is the fact that this is a mobile data opportunity for your employees that is operated across the lightning-fast nationwide 4G LTE network that you’ve probably already relied on for your personal use. What’s different is that all data and service are provided by VirtualPBX so your use, be it over VoIP or mobile, is all managed under one roof. That means that all of the same device and extension management that you’ve come to expect from your Dash phone plan is going to extend to the mobile phones you can add through this feature. Second is that you’re going to have the same type of freedom in device selection that you can expect from most modern personal mobile phone plans including the opportunity to begin using texting for business as well. This means that basically any unlocked phone from the past two years will be compatible with the Mobile for Business feature. And finally and perhaps most impactful for the purposes of your business, this is not anything like a personal mobile phone service. That’s because this is a business-first and business-only mobile phone system. As a result, there will be no throttling or battery drain due to running over the top applications like a softphone because the phone service operates directly over the 4G LTE network and so isn’t sapping data just to make a phone call.

That should be enough to whet your appetites for a mobile feature on your business phone plan, but if you still want to know more, you can head over to the VirtualPBX Mobile for Business beta sign-up page. Also, while you’re there, ahem, you can also sign-up. All kidding aside, though, the chance to participate in the beta and put your mark on the biggest thing in business telephone service since the first cloud-based telephone service won’t be here forever. So sign up now, and let us know what you think!

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