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VirtualPBX Partner Program

Virtual PBX Agent Program
July 28th, 2011

In our last blog, we explained why joining the VirtualPBX Affiliate program was an excellent way to jump aboard the growing wave of VoIP technology and expand your sales opportunities.   In this entry, we will discuss a different way to partner with Virtual PBX – the Virtual PBX Agent program.

Virtual BX Agent Program

The Virtual PBX Agent program is designed for high-volume, hands-on business partners who are interested in providing their customers with a quality virtual phone service, while at the same time continuing to be their customer’s primary point of contact for all things telephony as well as other services the Agent may sell.

Unlike a one-time payout, the VirtualPBX Agent program allows you to build long-term residual income you will continue to get paid a percentage of the customer’s monthly service fee.  You will continue to be paid as long as they’re a Virtual PBX customer and as long as you are a Virtual PBX Agent.

Advantages of the VirtualPBX Agent Program

When you become a VirtualPBX Agent, you can offer your customers a service that fills a critical function in their business – their PBX service. By supplementing your current portfolio of products and services with VirtualPBX, you meet more of your customers’ business needs and strengthen your relationship with your customer as a valued business partner and trusted advisor. And as customers rely upon you for more, you will be able to expand your sales opportunities in all aspects of your business.  By partnering with Virtual PBX, you get;

  • Robust Product Offerings
  • Competitive Commission Structure
  • Training and Agent Support
  • Award-Winning Service
  • Simple System Interface
  • Sales and Marketing Support

Our Virtual PBX Agent program provides true competitive advantage.

We have put together a comprehensive program designed to enable our Agents to be as productive and successful as possible. We believe that building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships are the key ingredient to customer satisfaction, increased sales, and profitability.

Our agent program provides all the services and features the business customer demands.  Our system is easy to setup for you and your customers, and we provide all the materials and support you need to make the sale.  Agent benefits include:

  • Marketing Support – We provide on-line marketing tools, collateral, and content to support your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Sales Training – We have documented our most successful practices in our sales methodology, which we will share with your sales organization. We will also cover how to qualify prospects, countering objections, and competitive closing tactics.
  • Sales Support – Our sales team is available and compensated to support your sales team, if they have questions about our service or how to sell it. We even support you on joint sales calls when the opportunity warrants the extra effort.
  • Support Training – We provide second level support for advanced features that require operational support and configuration by VirtualPBX; and support to any technical issues.

Virtual PBX Agent Responsibilities
As an Agent, you will build and maintain the customer relationship by providing support to the initial sales transaction, providing first level end-user support after the sale, and on-going account management to growth the business.

Execute a full marketing plan
We expect our Agents to develop and execute a full marketing plan to introduce VirtualPBX to the current customer and prospect base. The plan may include direct marketing campaigns such as email or postcard blasts, dedicated web page, partner developed collateral, and event marketing.

Maintain customer relationship
As an Agent, you will build and maintain the customer relationship by providing support to the initial sales transaction, providing first level end-user support after the sale, and on-going account management to growth the business

Meet minimum revenue commitments
Agents commit to achieve an agreed minimum level of VirtualPBX revenue of $10,000 per year.

The VirtualPBX Agent program is an excellent way to build a growing base of residual income from your customers that need a virtual phone system.  If you’re in the position of hand-holding your customers and maintaining your position as their go-to contact for all things telephony and technical, then the VirtualPBX Agent program is perfect for you.

To learn more about the VirtualPBX Agent program, please see our Partners page at http://www.virtualpbx.com/communities/overview/partners/affiliate-signup/

VirtualPBX® Affiliate Program
July 26th, 2011

VoIP is the latest and fastest growing telephony technology anywhere.  With its quickly advancing technology and affordable prices VoIP is becoming more and more the standard for businesses across the world. The market for VoIP solutions is huge and there is a broad customer base. This is why now is the perfect time to take advantage of the VoIP industry.  How, you ask?  Here’s how VirtualPBX can help.

Partnering with VirtualPBX offers the perfect chance to expand your sales opportunities into a highly profitable new area of business.  By becoming a VirtualPBX Affiliate, you can offer your customers a service that improves a crucial function in their business – their telephone service. As a result, you can strengthen your relationship with your customer as a valued business partner and trusted advisor.

VirtualPBX has teamed up with Share-A-Sale to offer a simple affiliate signup process so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.  As an affiliate, you would receive automatic payments via Share-A-Sale for every customer you provide that signs up with VirtualPBX.  Simply add one of our Virtual PBX banners or text links to your website.  We will even design a custom banner for you upon request.

If you want to make money in the VoIP industry or the telecommunication industry in general, there is no better program than the Virtual PBX affiliate program.  Here’s why:

·     Partnering with VirtualPBX is 100% free. There are no fees or deposits.

·     Short sales cycles – customers typically recognize benefits from the service within 24 hours of purchase

·     Extremely easy implementation – Simply join our Affiliate program through ShareASale easy signup process, place a banner or text link on your website and start earning commissions right away.

·     Lots of tools and support – VirtualPBX provides you with all the tools, support, target markets, content, strategies and much more information to help you maximize your earning potential.

·     Competitive Payouts – We offer some of the highest payouts in the in market.

In addition, when you’re ready to start promoting Virtual PBX we provide all the linking and keyword strategies to incorporate, as well as channel information to help you target the right markets.  If you like to blog, there is content available for that as well.  However you choose to market VirtualPBX, we’re anxious to help.

Be in business for yourself with the support of Virtual PBX at your side.  Be a part of the worlds fastest growing markets with one of the highest quality VoIP providers in the business.  Virtual PBX invented this class of service and with over 15 years experience and the most robust technology in the market, nobody provides better features, reliability, or service than Virtual PBX.

To learn more about the VirtualPBX Affiliate program, please visit our partners page at: http://www.virtualpbx.com/partners.  If you are interested in other ways to partner with Virtual PBX please check out our next blog.