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You Can Take It with You – Using Business VoIP on Your Mobile Device
December 12th, 2013

It’s no secret that the world is going mobile, so it’s nice to know that business VoIP allows your work connections to be mobile too. Since, more than half of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices in many industries and geographic locations, it’s critical to have your office phone available wherever you are.

You’ve probably heard of the many benefits that business VoIP systems have to offer small- and medium-sized businesses. They increase productivity. They eliminate the need to hire IT staff since users can easily make the necessary changes on their own time and at their own convenience. Plus, there are lower startup and maintenance costs. Since your business will be utilizing a data network instead of regular phone lines, you’ll be able to combine all communications into a single network.

One of the greatest benefits of business VoIP, however, is unprecedented access. You have the ability to access VoIP anywhere you go, as long as you have a connection to the Internet. In other words, you can go mobile without sacrificing all the fantastic, advanced features that your business telephone system has to offer. So if you have employees who work abroad, get stuck in traffic or work from home, business VoIP could be the perfect fit for your business.

As you begin prepping for 2014, keep in mind the many ways that business VoIP could benefit your business. It’s an even greater return on your investment knowing that you have the option of bringing business VoIP with you while you’re on the go.

The Benefits of Business VoIP
November 16th, 2012

There are various benefits to business VoIP, perhaps the most prominent being the lower costs and added features that you would not receive with a traditional phone system. VoIP is a great option for a variety of businesses in different industries, no matter if it’s a small business or a large corporation. Virtual PBX offers options regarding prices and plans to best fit your company’s needs. Our flat-rate plans are ideal for most companies and users can enjoy unlimited minutes for a flat monthly rate. Virtual PBX’s usage-based plans are best for smaller companies who want to take advantage of VoIP’s unique features and reduced costs but don’t use the phone a lot.

Aside from lower startup and maintenance costs, benefits of business VoIP include:

  • Access
    The convenience of VoIP is that users can access VoIP anywhere using internet connection, and calls can even be forwarded to cell phones and land-lines, making this the ideal service for those who work abroad, from home, or are simply caught in traffic.
  • Integration
    With the integration of other forms of media/communications, increasing productivity throughout sales and support for your business.
  • Flexibility
    Users can make technical changes on their own without the help of an IT support expert. You can make changes directly on your own or by calling Virtual PBX.
  • Functionality
    Business VoIP offers special features that are not available with the use of a traditional phone system. From call forwarding and electronic messaging, to conferencing, Virtual PBX VoIP offers the answers to all your business needs.

VoIP service provides you with all the tools you need to successfully connect with your clients and employees. Virtual PBX offers personalized plans to best fit your needs. With lower costs and added features, more and more companies are switching to business VoIP.

Preparing your phone system for a storm
November 1st, 2012

As an assist to clients affected by hurricane Sandy this week, we posted information about how to prepare for a big storm and keep communication flowing during the storm.  We’re posting it here for reference, since winter is nearly upon us.  We hope it will be helpful to any of you that may experience storms in the coming months.

There are some important things you can do to make sure your Virtual PBX phone system keeps your business connected during a storm. Virtual PBX systems are in a hardened co-location facility that is part of the national infrastructure. It has multiple sources of power and connection, coming in through different feeds, and is unlikely to be affected by any storm, no matter how severe. We’ll take your calls as long as the phone companies are still delivering them. The issue is making sure you have some place for us to send them.Whether you’re using our standard Virtual PBX Service or our disaster recovery product, PBX Parachute, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Figure out which extensions in your system are the most important for uninterrupted phone calls. This may be all of your extensions.
  2. Talk with the extension owners for those extensions and get alternative phone numbers where they can be reached during the storm. Suggestions include cellular phones (many cell phones will work even if power is down), home phones if they are staying in town, or phone numbers of relatives they will visit if they are leaving the storm area.
  3. Change the Call Routing for each of these extensions to include the alternate phone numbers. If there is a specific number they want to be tried first, make that the “Default” number. You can exclude office phone numbers if you are sure the employees won’t be at their office phones.
  4. Be sure that employees know how to update their Call Routing list as things change. This can be done through any browser or from your smartphone via one of our free apps. Just download the Virtual PBX app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play. If your employees need to learn how to do this, they should run our short Extension Owner QuickStart training.
  5. Let all of your employees make sure they know how to reach someone in charge if things go wrong, whether it’s related to the phone system, or not. Most companies could benefit from an emergency contact list, that can be used to let people know what’s going on, status of the office, and information about other workers. The best way to do this is to decide which Virtual PBX extensions people should call.

Most important of all, please be safe. We sincerely hope that all goes well with your people, as well as your business. Our thoughts are with you.

The VirtualPBX Team

What Can Business VoIP Do For You?
August 27th, 2012

VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, has the ability to transmit voice over via data network. Rather than use traditional phone hardware, VoIP transmits voice over the company’s data network.

What are the benefits of VoIP?
Business VoIP gives easier access to users and can be used anywhere with internet connection. This is particularly useful for companies who have employees who work from home. VoIP is user-friendly and you are able to truly personalize your service and make changes on your own. Business VoIP includes special features that cannot be used with typical telephones, including call forwarding and electronic messaging, three way conferencing, videoconferencing, and more.

Besides these added benefits, workers are more productive with VoIP. With integrated mailboxes and real time videoing, workers are able to increase their productivity. Employees can also work from home with VoIP, increasing employee satisfaction and giving them incentive to work harder.

Finally, VoIP can help save your company money. In the long run, after setup and maintenance costs (which are inexpensive), businesses will have reduced costs due to the difference in infrastructure setup and the reduction of extra phone lines.
VirtualPBX offers business VoIP for both small and large companies. We strive to provide you with the highest quality services possible to increase productivity and decrease costs. With these added services, businesses are able to bloom, as well as become more reputable and professional in the eyes of their customers or clients. If you’re looking to cut costs while adding unique and helpful services, business VoIP may be the right option for you.

And the Awards Keep coming for Virtual PBX
August 13th, 2012

Virtual PBX, the pioneer and leader in hosted PBX phone systems, is stoutly maintaining their title as the most awarded Business VoIP provider winning two more awards this month.

The first Award is the Labs Innovation Award for Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere™, presented by Internet Telephony. Virtual PBX has been presented with this award two years in a row, reinforcing the fact that Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere is truly an innovative VoIP product. Completely customizable, this solution is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for an advanced business VoIP solution.

The second award presented to Virtual PBX this month is the 2012  for Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere™, presented by Internet Telephony and Next Gen Mobility magazine. This is the fourth consecutive year Virtual PBX has earned this award, proving they are truly at the top of their game when it comes to creating industry-transforming products.

“Virtual PBX has been recognized for their exceptional work in advancing next gen services and technologies. Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere has proven it is exceptional, and its innovation has contributed to the transformation of the industry,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

Virtual PBX is a company fueled by their dedication to provide the highest quality, award-winning products and services to their customers. Even against stiff competition, they have distinguished themselves by implementing innovative and effective products and services.

It’s Time to Make the Switch to VoIP
July 27th, 2012

Is your business still making and receiving phone calls the way it did a decade or two ago? Uh-huh, I thought as much. Most small businesses today are still leaning on an antiquated phone service system in their office(s). At the same time, the majority of small-sized firms are looking to save money wherever they can in order to fatten up their thin profit margins. What an increasing number of them are realizing is that the solution to these issues is one and the same: VoIP. Service providers can now help businesses transform their communications platform by implementing VoIP. Doing so can bump up productivity and also save the business owner money.

Traditional phone systems require the purchasing of costly hardware every single time a change is made to the system. If you expand your office, open a new one or move an existing one, then you would need to buy a bevy of new hardware and pay for all sorts of installation costs. That can add up in a hurry.

Things are different with VoIP. Imagine having total freedom when it comes to adjusting your phone system at any time you please, without buying up a bunch of new equipment. If you can imagine that, then you can imagine what it’s like to have VoIP. The VoIP service providers here at Virtual PBX can install a new phone solution that allows you to change, add or remove phones, hunt groups, auto-attendants and call centers over the internet in just moments.

No doubt you can see how that can save you a lot of coin in the long run. But it will also save you plenty of hassle. Working around the limitations of your outdated system will be nothing but a fading memory from the bad old days once you have the Virtual PBX service providers install your new VoIP system.

Virtual PBX Named Finalist in the 2012 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards by Network Products Guide
April 20th, 2012

Unstoppable! Virtual PBX Wins Yet Another Award for Virtual PBX Complete

Virtual PBX (www.virtualpbx.com), the inventor and leading supplier of hosted business phone services, is excited to announce that Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere a finalist for the 7th Annual 2012 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards in the Voice over IP and Unified Communications category. Winners will be honored in Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 during the 7th annual dinner and presentations.

As the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, Network Products Guide plays a vital role in keeping decision makers and end-users informed of the choices they can make in all areas of information technology. The guide follows conscientious research methodologies developed and enhanced by industry experts.

Awards from Network Products Guide, such as the Hot Companies and Best Products Award, are the world’s premier information technology awards created to honor and generate industry wide recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and IT professionals worldwide in every area. In other words, Network Products Guide only gives these awards to those who honestly deserve them.

“This recognition as a Hot Company and Product finalist validates our position as a company successfully overcoming the communication issues faced by businesses today,” said Greg Brashier, CMO of Virtual PBX. “From the beginning our objective has been to keep communication costs and complexity low so that small- and mid-sized businesses can have the capacity and features to fuel growth and meet their business objectives.”

Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere is truly a product you can depend on. Not only has it won more awards than any other hosted PBX service, but it has also won the best awards.

Panasonic Cordless Phones Deliver Business Quality
April 11th, 2012

Panasonic TGP500

Home and office phone systems have come a long way in the past few years. Numerous upgrades have made all types of phones more accessible, including cordless phones.

One of the more notable cordless phones available today is from Panasonic, one of the leading names in telecommunications. The Panasonic TGP500B is a feature rich desk phone replacement with outstanding voice quality and a range of productivity-boosting options.  Integrated with SIP based technology, this cordless phone uses Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to improve call quality and support multiple handsets. Users can add up to 6 DECT cordless handsets to one base.

The Panasonic TGP500B uses new frequencies and digital technology virtually eliminating interference to provide you crystal clear communications. DECT 6.0 ensures there is no interference with wireless networks. With the convenient cordless design, you can have static-free conversations away from the base. The large range is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle, allowing you to escape the confines of the base station and freely walk around you home or office or even outside.

Features of the Panasonic  include:

  • Expandable Cordless Phone System with
    Base Station and 1 cordless handset
  • DECT radio technology
  • 2.1 inch backlit LCD display on handset
  • Includes power supply
  • Wall-mountable base unit
  • Add 5 additional cordless handsets

Overall, the Panasonic TGP500B VoIP Phone is easy to use and deploy, convenient and expandable.  Virtual PBX is proud to announce the addition of this technology to its product line.  The TGP500B model includes both the base station and one handset.  Additional handsets can be ordered under the model number TPA50B.

Virtual PBX® Receives 2011 Unified Communications Product Of The Year Award From Internet Telephony
April 5th, 2012

Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere Recognized for Innovation


Virtual PBX has done it again. They have once again proven themselves as one of the most awarded hosted PBX providers. TMC, a global, integrated media company, has just named Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere as a recipient of its 2011 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, sponsored by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

This is the ninth award presented to Virtual PBX by TMC for Virtual PBX Complete. In just one year, TMC has presented nine different awards to Virtual PBX for this innovative product.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC explains, “The editors from INTERNET TELEPHONY are pleased to grant a Unified Communications Product of the Year Award to Virtual PBX for Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere.” He continues, “Virtual PBX has proven they are committed to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace. We look forward to seeing continued advancement in technology solutions from Virtual PBX in the future.”

Virtual PBX has really outdone themselves by creating a product so innovative, so unique, that it is still creating buzz a year later. Setting new standards for flexibility, features, price, and ease of installation, Virtual PBX Complete forged ahead, establishing new technology and employing out-of-the-box thinking.

“At Virtual PBX, we focus on our customers’ needs to keep communications costs and complexity low, while ensuring they have the capacity and features to fuel growth to meet their business objectives,” said Greg Brashier, CMO of Virtual PBX. “This award illustrates the high value we are providing with Virtual PBX Complete.”

Save Money and Increase Productivity with SelectRoute™
March 2nd, 2012

Virtual PBX® pioneered ACD queuing for virtual phone systems, and is still way ahead of the competition. ACD queues are used when the caller wants to reach a business function, such as sales or customer service, instead of an individual. Usually, these callers won’t have a name, they just have a need.

However, some businesses want to route calls to an extension or ACD queue that is not a standard business function. This is where SelectRoute™ comes in.

SelectRoute offers call routing capabilities beyond the standard routing features offered by ACD queues. Instead of simply routing the call to the next available agent or a generic queue, SelectRoute routes the call based on direct user input that specifies how the call is to be handled so the call is routed to the correct agent.

Our SelectRoute option lets you route calls automatically based on a wide set of user inputs up to nine digits in length. Ask the user to spell out a product name, a company name, or an account number. The possibilities are limitless with Virtual PBX.

Below are common types of instructions that SelectRoute can support:

  • Route calls by geography: Area code & zip code– Route calls by NPA (Area Code), NPA-NXX (Area and Exchange Codes), Zip Code.Have multiple store locations or franchises seamlessly route calls to a single phone number by area code or zip code to the nearest location.
  • Menu Routing – Route calls by menu selection
  • Custom Routing – Route calls according to your own defined needs.  We’ve had clients route to different queues or extension based on the caller entering a model number or a product name.

You can even combine these call routing types to form customized routing to provide the best customer service and to enable your business to operate at optimum efficiency. They can also improve your businesses cost performance by increasing agent utilization and productivity.

A typical business often handles a variety of call types, each requiring a specific skill. The traditional method of reassigning agents with multiple skills to different queues at different times of the day in order make best use of their skills is inefficient.

Virtual PBX and SelectRoute alleviate this problem and enables your business to automatically route calls to the right agents, at the right time regardless of where the agents are located.

With SelectRoute you can even have custom greetings such as “To find the store nearest you, please enter your 5 digit zip code now”. Your caller enters their zip code, and your Virtual PBX system will route them to the appropriate extension or queue. It’s that easy.

But what if the caller enters the wrong information? Don’t worry. We have that covered. In this case, SelectRoute will route the call anywhere you choose, so your caller still gets help even on a bad data entry.

SelectRoute by Virtual PBX will help you create the best custom call routing system designed to fit your needs and send your callers to the right people quickly and easily every time. For more information, please contact our Support team, or call us at 888-825-0800.