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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? VirtualPBX Affiliate Program

Free Lunch Affiliate ProgramThere’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? Well for the most part, that’s a true statement, but there are some cases where lunch comes pretty easily. Freelancers and digital nomads who use our virtual phone systems have learned how to stretch a dollar with our service, and we’ve got a few more tricks for them, too. For many people who rely on the gig economy to make ends meet, affiliate programs like ours are a real shot in the arm. In fact, ours is one of the most lucrative payouts in all of the hosted telephony industry, and we’ve just made it even better.

Dash On Affiliates

By now you may already know about the award-winning hosted telephone system, Dash, but what you may not realize is how Dash can help you make money, not just save money. Through the VirtualPBX Affiliate Program you can almost earn that free lunch simply by promoting your own website. Wait, that can’t be right, can it?

It’s true, not only does each referral from you to a VirtualPBX plan come with great commissions, the rate of businesses switching to a hosted communications plan is actually on the rise, too. In fact, in a recent study by the Edgewater Network, it was found that over 70% of businesses plan to switch to VoIP over the next two years. For entrepreneurs savvy enough to have enlisted partners like VirtualPBX into their referral network, this massive shift into VoIP represents a veritable bonanza of business. This combined with the fact that both the new Dash and VirtualPBX’s Office Plans are each eligible for referral bonuses, and that free lunch might just be come a reality, after all.

More Than Just Support

We at VirtualPBX want you to succeed as a small business, just like all of our customers. As a referral partner, we make that happen with more than just the most comprehensive marketing materials available in the referral marketplace. We’re also available for referral coaching, problem solving, and regularly update you with our informative Referral Partner Newsletter.

Even if your favorite restaurant won’t actually begin offering a free lunch any time soon, you can rest assured that becoming a VirtualPBX Referral Partner will be the best way to at least pay for an extra dessert. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Uncharted Territory – The Adoption of VoIP by Population Density

Adoption of VoIP into Uncharted TerritoryThis is going to be neat. We’re very excited to bring you this blog post because we had the opportunity to partner exclusively with the online software and hosted PBX reviewers at Software Advice on a recent study of business owners and their adoption of VoIP. The widespread adoption of VoIP has brought hosted communications to every corner of the nation and generally into every possible industry and sector, as well. What hasn’t been quite as clear, however, is how factors like population density and company size directly has impacted the rate of adoption of VoIP. That is until now.

The Scientific Method

Before we dive into the results, it’s important to point out that the independent experts at Software Advice through their routine, objective methods have collected the data we’re analyzing. We’re using that raw data to apply context into the findings through our extensive experience with servicing the growing hosted telecommunications market over the course of the past two decades. Together, we’ve been able to collaborate to shed some compelling insights into how the adoption of VoIP can impact competitive advantages for businesses all over the country.

Opportunities To Outshine Competitors

Adoption of VoIP by Business SizeOf all the data we got to analyze, easily one of the most encouraging conclusions from it is also one that is somewhat understandable. Businesses looking for a leg-up on their competition will be in luck if their operations are further out from densely populated city centers. This is because that we learned that adoption of VoIP in more rural areas is lagging behind that of VoIP adoption in more urban settings. The reason this is not terribly shocking is twofold, but I would also assert that this is a temporary situation, as well.

First is that the general adoption of VoIP follows the trend of all new technologies in that early adopters and the venerable “Gary Gearboxes” of the world tend to live in more urban environments. This makes the trickle-down of new technology into areas outside of city centers more gradual. However, just as we’ve seen with everything from HDTV’s to smartphones and beyond, there is only a matter of time standing between now and when cloud-based communications are ubiquitous, regardless of population density.

Adoption of VoIP by DemographicAnother reason that adoption of VoIP, ahem, lags in more rural areas is that high-speed internet access isn’t as widely available there as it is in inner cities. This, however, is where there exists the greatest of opportunities for companies outside of big cities that want to get ahead of their competitors. This is because, more often than not, simply optimizing your network for VoIP is all that it takes for maintaining the fastest, most reliable, and crystal clear audio connection. Fortunately for those business owners savvy enough to take advantage of a service like this, we happen to know some networking experts.

Net Takeaway – VoIP is Outpacing the Alternatives

Probably the most compelling, and decisively clear, result of this study is that at a rate of nearly 2 to 1, adoption of VoIP is increasingly the choice for most business owners. We know that the reasons behind each of these decisions will vary, but from previous collaborations with Software Advice we know that the two most common reasons for making the switch to VoIP are for the cost and feature advantages it has over a legacy, on-premises PBX. This growth in adoption of VoIP really comes as little surprise as we’ve been seeing more and more companies decide to stop overpaying for technology that is cumbersome and outdated. Interestingly, though, once companies begin to get larger, there is a leveling-off of the choices between on-site and hosted PBX systems.

We believe that this is primarily due to a misconception that VoIP is only for smaller organizations on a tight budget, when in fact hosted systems like the VirtualPBX Office Plan is designed specifically for the most robust and demanding enterprise organizations in mind. We believe that, just as we’ve seen with younger, more modern companies, as larger teams begin to educate themselves on the actual capacities of a hosted system, they too will make the adoption of VoIP part of their path to success, as well. This is further supported by the fact that a full-blown unified communications system likely exceeds the needs of smaller organizations as evidenced by their relatively lower adoption among the smallest of respondents.

Your Own Adoption of VoIP is Just a Click Away

No matter where you live, adoption of VoIP is the fastest way to add lightning fast, unwaveringly reliable, and crustal clear telephone service to your business for pennies son the dollar over what it costs for a hardline connection. Also, the added benefits of mobility, customization, and the flexibility to change your system as your business grows makes a hosted communications strategy a win for almost any company. Furthermore, for those businesses in rural or less densely populated areas, acting quickly to adopt a hosted platform will surely be the best way to stay ahead of your competitors for the foreseeable future. So why wait?

Get in touch with one of our expert telephony consultants today and begin getting the most out of your communications. Until then, be sure to keep an eye on the latest research from the technology reviewers at Software Advice, and to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more updates.

Software Advice Research- What is a PBX System?

Software Advice ResearchIt’s been a while since we’ve gotten some fresh Software Advice research to dig into, but the wait it over! Today we get to pour over the latest from the online software and technology reviewers at Software Advice that exhaustively covers one of our favorite topics – comparing PBX systems. In the most recent report entitled, “What is a PBX System?” we got the opportunity to contribute to adding context to some of their extensive research on the perceived benefits of hosted PBX systems through an interview with our CEO, Paul Hammond. Needless to say, with the topic being one very near and dear to our hearts, a value-add from our chief executive, and the impressive track record that Software Advice has assembled for being a comprehensive and balanced technology analyst, we’re pretty excited to see the results on this one.

Price & Simplicity Reign Supreme

Benefits of VoIPThough we often tout the many benefits that come from hosted PBX features at almost every possible opportunity, there were two clear standouts in the Software Advice research that outshone the rest. Not surprisingly, but of the hundreds of business owners surveyed, cost saving was listed as the highest draw for them to a hosted PBX over a legacy, on-site PBX option. This is really no longer a question of if a company will save money by switching to VoIP, but rather one of how much money they will save.

The second most commonly cited advantage of the benefits of a hosted PBX was one we’re proud to hear is gaining popularity. In a decisive win for VoIP, hosted PBX users were 50% more likely than their legacy PBX counterparts to cite the ease of use and simplicity of their system as a key benefit. Though we can’t take credit for all of those results, it would be insincere to suggest that revolutionary new user-friendly interfaces like on the award-winning Dash from VirtualPBX wasn’t at least partly to blame for the increase in satisfied user experiences.

Reliability is a Function of Customer Care More Than Technology

In another reassuring portion of the report, the topic of system reliability came through loud and clear. But in a departure form conventional thinking, however, both the results of the Software Advice research and the analysis that followed didn’t attribute the cause of any reliability concerns onto the VoIP technology itself. Instead, the issue of system reliability was correctly attributed to more often than not being a function of the network capabilities over which VoIP is operated, rather than the VoIP itself. Meaning that for some users who weren’t properly informed of this when they began their search for a hosted PBX service provider, they may have to also conduct a Network Health Check to determine if their connection needs to be optimized for VoIP.

In other words, as it was succinctly put by Software Advice researcher, Daniel Harris, “The takeaway is that if you don’t have the in-house IT personnel to assist with the work of network administration, you need to find a provider with a good track record when it comes to support and maintenance.”

Picking a Winner

The net takeaways of this latest Software Advice research are that there remain to be advantages of all types of PBXs, but knowing what is most important to your business (cost considerations, simplicity, etc.) will go far in guiding your decision. Furthermore, as with most things, it’s best to research the provider you are considering as much as their technology, which is why we proudly keep our customer tesimonials out in the open where everyone can see them. Plus, you can always check us out on Yelp if you want to do even more comparison shopping.

Until then, though, make sure to keep an eye on the comprehensive data that comes out of all of the Software Advice research and to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more updates.

Customer Support From VirtualPBX 365 Days a Year

Customer Support 365 Days a YearVirtualPBX has never ben shy about offering more from a customer support perspective than what is expected in the telecommunications space. In fact, we think that it’s downright unfortunate that the industry’s customer service is so lackluster these days, even if it just helps our team shine as an industry stand out. But now that we’re announcing that we have telephone agents on hand for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, there leaves little room for confusion as to our commitment to being the leader in service.

12 hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

Starting now, from the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time, you can call on one of our experienced telecommunications experts for whatever technical needs you have on your account. Additionally, this still includes the 24-hour access to our online support via email and chat that you have come to know and love, plus, as always, we include our customer service into the cost of any VirtualPBX service plan. There’s no reason you shouldn’t expect to have your service provider also provide you with service, in our humble opinion. That’s why we’re committed to expanding your access to service without changing the rules on you, either.

Get Started Today

With accolades piling up for our service, technology, and design each year, there really is no bad time to get started with hosted VoIP service from VirtualPBX. However, with the inclusion of the all new telephone service coverage 365 days a year provided at no extra charge, now just may be the best time ever to switch to an advanced cloud based phone system.

Contact a member of our Sales Team to schedule a free demo of the plans that interest you the most and get started with savings and flexibility like you’ve never seen, today!

Tech Talks- Warriors Basketball and 49ers Football

VirtualPBX Tech Talks Warriors Basketball

Jay Beck, Tech Support and Sports Almanac

We’ve been around for a long time and have collected some of the best minds from across several industries, and we think it’s high time they got their day in the spotlight. In this series of blogs we’ll be unearthing some of the technology and talent that power our hosted communications platform.

A narrow defeat for the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals, a rebuilding season for the San Francisco 49ers, and another record-setting year for the Golden State Warriors basketball team are all just a fraction of the sports knowledge that our very own Jay Beck from Customer Support brings to the table. Oh yeah, he also has years of experience solving highly technical and challenging customer problems in Silicon Valley, but we’re a whole lot more than just a bunch of telecom people, and Jay helps prove that more than anyone.

But what does Warriors Basketball really have to do with a hosted telecom company? An awful lot, really. The NBA has transcended national boundaries and run laps around its professional sports league peers specifically because of its adoption of and use of emerging technologies like social media. Now with international super stars like Steph Curry and LeBron James pitting it out for the NBA Championship, Warriors basketball, much like VirtualPBX, finds itself at the center of the biggest events in its field.

So Jay, when and how did you get your start as a Tech Support Agent?
I’ve been working with hardware and database systems in Silicon Valley for most of my life. At times I’ve focused on the world of laptop technology on both the sales and support sides and I’ve also done a lot of contract work for database management and integrity.

What prompted your transition into telecom?
Doing all of what I had in the past exposed me to all sorts of different areas and one that always keep me busy was with network connectivity. If you think about it, even though all of the hardware and software that we have today has been changing so rapidly for years, probably no other area has been so dramatically transformed as how we connect to and interact with the internet. Coincidentally, that’s probably the root source of a lot of the problems I get to help our customers solve on a daily basis, too.

Plus, I understand that your part of the unofficial VirtualPBX Incubator, yeah?
Ha! Yeah I guess so! I live with a few of the other guys from the company, all of whom either work in Dev Ops or Tech Support so it’s pretty handy for when we encounter a new or unique challenge, we have a strong brain-trust of experience in technology of all kinds to lean on. Plus we all have some gnarly competitive gaming sessions from time to time, so that doesn’t hurt, either!

Awesome. Backing up a second to what you said about networking, though, what about it comes into play in Tech Support so frequently?
VoIP has the potential to help businesses boost their communications, flexibility, and employee and customer satisfaction- and that’s great. Where I get to help is that VirtualPBX is unique in that we help educate people about how their VoIP relies on and is affected by their networks. Often times, when a customer encounters a problem they aren’t prepared to diagnose if it is with their telephone system or their network. And for the record, I’m proud to say it’s more often that it’s a network issue.

Great, it sounds like you have a strong sense of how to navigate through those problems. Is that something you’re interested in specifically?
You bet. I know that we’re only getting more and more connected each day so it’s totally reasonable to want to focus on learning as much about networking as possible. Plus, it’s part of my favorite thing to do here when a customer can call up being so frustrated about not knowing what’s wrong and I can help them isolate the issue and correct it. It feels good when people get off the phone in a much better mood than when they called.

I bet. Okay that’s about it but one more question, what’s your prediction for the rest of the NBA Finals?
Warriors basketball is all about “Strength in Numbers,” right? So that said, I think there’s going to be a repeat of the number of games from last year and I predict we win it all in game 6 on the road again. Of course, that said, I wouldn’t mind winning on home court should it go to game 7, either.

Jay and all of the other Tech Support experts from VirtualPBX are available for customers to call to help solve all their problems, day or night. Or, for those of you who would rather just debate who was the best Bay Area athlete of all time, Jay is all ears. For the record, I think he and I are both in the Jerry Rice camp, fyi.