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Bus Bridge – Solve Commuting with Telecommuting

Bus Bridges and TelecommutingBus Bridge. These two words have the power to strike fear into the hearts of all railway commuters everywhere. This means that, for whatever reason, there is a portion of track that cannot be traversed with the typical comfort and speed of a train car and that the passengers on board will need to disembark for a game of Hurry-Up-And-Wait. The wait game is no joke in this scenario because, as you might be able to guess, the amount of passengers that can fit on one bus is slightly less than can fit onto a train. Plus add into the mix a bunch of folks with bikes or bulky luggage for an airport trip, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lot of late arrivals and missed meetings.

Always RSVP Yes

You don’t have to be a telecommuter to benefit from the tools that telecommuting uses. Specifically, having a remotely hosted business telephone system means you can have all of the functionality of the office’s full-fledged enterprise network anywhere you can get an internet connection. Furthermore, with plans like Dash Unlimited that come with unlimited minutes for you and your team to use however they see fit, when you confirm your attendance to a meeting, you can be secure knowing that you’ll always make it.

Tip of the Telecommuting Iceberg

With a comprehensive virtual telecommunications solution like Dash, companies that switch from a traditional phone system do much more than save on their most important operating expense. Switching to Dash is the first step in adopting unified communications as a pivotal part of their business communications strategy.

After learning exactly how much the integrations and compatibilities of a hosted solution have to offer, nothing will compare to a unified communications solution again. Plus, with the cost benefits being as impressive as the possibilities inherent in a cloud-based system, there really is no reason to delay in making the switch. Start now by taking a free demo of VirtualPBX’s award-winning VoIP platform and learn how to maximize your communications on the good commutes, the bad commutes, and everything between.

Tech Talks- DevOps With Michael Bom

VirtualPBX Tech TalksWe’ve been around for a long time and have collected some of the best minds from across several industries, and we think it’s high time they got their day in the spotlight. In this series of blogs we’ll be unearthing some of the technology and talent that power our hosted communications platform.

For today’s inaugural Tech Talk we’re discussing how to break things and put them back together again before anyone else has to. An often overlooked and even more infrequently appreciated task is that of the service manager turned product tester turned development engineer. Well, maybe that specific role isn’t in itself super common, but despite that, we’ve got a superstar who spends most of his time behind the scenes who fits the bill perfectly- Michael Bom, VirtualPBX DevOps Engineer.

Michael, what is it that you do on a daily basis that most people wouldn’t know about?
Well, that’s probably a pretty big category because from my time as a Support Supervisor, I can tell you there’s a lot about hosted communications that, in general, most people don’t understand. That was always a fun way to help educate users on the technology while walking them through whatever problem they had. But for now, I mostly spend a lot of time migrating existing customers onto the new Dash platform, assisting with porting numbers, an a host of DevOps related stuff.

DevOps related stuff is a broad category, can you expand on that?
Of course! One of the reasons that I got to transition into this role from Support was that I have a knack for tinkering with new products and platforms. So much so, in fact, that I started to get the nod to come in and poke around whenever we had a new technology that we were getting ready to launch. It started out where I just liked to see the limitations of various features and turned into a legitimate effort to just try and break the darn thing!

Breaking things is a valuable skill in your role?
Perhaps not how you think, but absolutely it is! Of course the point wasn’t so much to cause failures as it was to identify anything that may need refining before a product hits the market. Isolating and diagnosing problems and the proper solutions for them is basically what I’ve been doing in tech for years now, so I have a good nose for it.

What other types of support experience do you have?
I’ve been working in this field for years all over Silicon Valley. I’ve spent time obviously in telecom, but I’ve also worked in semiconductors with AMD and I’ve been responsible for potentially life-saving software installs into hospitals with a healthcare technology company in the area as well. So from large scale systems across an entire building or group of buildings all the way down to the individual chips that make the tech world go around, I’ve probably gotten some exposure to it.

That’s awesome! Did you get your start with all of this by taking apart your alarm clock as a kid?
Not really because the alarm clock never interested me enough. Now, my family’s old Commodore 64 and Tandy 286, however, now that was a different story! So yeah, in a sense I’ve always been playing around with the technology in front of me ever since the whole personal computing thing was really becoming a real thing. Which is why I probably enjoy it so much today, too, I suppose.

Michael is just one of a constantly growing team of passionate, devoted, and exceedingly capable engineers who is responsible for keeping the VirtualPBX technology platform on the cutting edge. And so long as he is doing his job to breakdown anything we push out before knuckleheads like me get my hands on it, we’re sure to keep delivering you some of the best, fastest, most reliable and crystal clear hosted telecommunications options around.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more tech tidbits and if you want to learn more about Dash or our other hosted services, take a look at what all of our advanced hosted telephone systems have to offer today!

Infographic – 5 Tips for Boosting Your Communications Strategy

Building a successful corporate communications strategy isn’t what it used to be. Today there are more avenues for customers to interact with a brand than ever before, and that can spell disaster for companies that are slow to react to them. We’ve put together 5 tips for boosting your communications strategy that should be an integral addition to any communications playbook. For more, in-depth coverage on these pointers, read about these tips in the complete blogpost and take your time poking around to see what other gems you can find.5 Tips for Boosting Your Communications Strategy

National Bike Month & Unlimited Minutes

National Bike Month And Dash Unlimited MinutesSince 1956, May has been National Bike Month and, here in the San Francisco Bay Area that means there are a lot of people on two wheels getting out for a ride. Recent measures to track exactly how many people are riding to and from work each day have been put in place with bike counters, surveys, and city and country sponsored studies. In 2013, there was 65,000 estimated to be daily bicycle commuters, a figure that grows approximately 8.5% each year. The Bay Area has an estimated 1 million employees who claim to live within 5 miles of their places of business, multiple City Bike Share programs, and increases in rider and motorist education programs to try and continue to ease the area’s roadways and air quality.

Bike To Work Day

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition had its annual Bike To Work Day on Thursday, May 12, 2016 and tens of thousands of new cyclists joined in the fun. Nationally, many more areas like Washington DC are planning their big day for this coming Friday, May 20, 2016. These are terrific ways to get some free bike maintenance, bike safety information, a strong sense of community, and some good old clean fun and exercise on your way to work. Plus, many cities will sponsor energizer or recharge stations that are stoked to the gills with coffee and snacks, so the perks are more than just missing out on traffic headaches for a day.

VirtualPBX and Unlimited Everything

We’ve never been strangers to our love of enjoying the outdoors here at VirtualPBX, but as long as there is a passion outside of work, we support our team’s dreams as much as we can. From our community involvement with Best Buddies to help empower Americans with developmental disabilities to the variety of competitive online gaming guilds and teams that some of our Support Team regularly dominates, we never want to impose limits on a good thing. Which is why, we’ve taken one of our best creations ever, and unhooked the trailer.

Dash Unlimited

Since launching early this year, Dash has taken no time in staking a claim as not just the newest and cleanest business telephone system interface in the industry, but as being one of telecommunication’s biggest stars, too. But in light of both the unprecedented outcry for more access to Dash from the companies that have made the switch, and our own attitude towards making sure we give people the chance to be their best selves in and out of work, we’ve launched Dash Unlimited. Dash Unlimited is the true definition of limitlessness in that it gives employees everywhere the ability to present an in-office presence from literally anywhere on the planet that they have an internet connection. And now that Dash Unlimited has unlimited minutes pooled between all the users on any given system, they’re free to balance their work and their play for as long as they want, from anywhere their heart desires.

Unlimited Doesn’t Stop With Minutes

Just because we’ve beefed-up the new Dash Unlimited with unlimited minutes, doesn’t mean that we’re doing that at the expense of something else. Quite the contrary. Not only does Dash Unlimited come with all of the incredible features and award-winning Customer Support that all of the other Dash plans have, but we’re adding more compatibility and integrations to it all of the time. We believe in never sacrificing anything in the interest of fulfilling our greatest passion of all- empowering the businesses that relay on us to be their best. Of course, if it means we’re going to log in a few miles or frag a few enemies after work to get there, so be it. What are you going to do with all of your newfound free time?

Start by signing up for a free demo of Dash Unlimited today!

One of the Fastest Growing Telecommunications Companies

The Silicon Review 10 Fastest Growing Telecommunications CompaniesI guess we should go over this quickly, because it turns out things are moving pretty fast around here. That’s because the Silicon Review just listed us as one of the 10 fastest-growing telecommunications companies of the year! It’s no secret that the folks here at VirtualPBX like to stay busy with all sorts of projects from lunching a new unlimited version of our award-winning Dash telephone service for business to bringing smiles to friendly faces through community service work. What may be less apparent, though, is that in all of our hustle and bustle to deliver meaningful value to small and medium businesses across the globe and help support those companies, we forgot to look around at what all we’ve accomplished. Fortunately for us, the folks at Silicon Review have been watching closely.

Peer Reviewed

This isn’t just a way to verify if an academic journal is worthwhile or if the content within holds merit, it’s also a way for us to gut-check ourselves so we don’t get caught reading our own press clippings while the world passes us by. In many ways we are the archetypal Silicon Valley tech company. We started in a garage, grew into a basement, and after a couple of decades and mountains of growth in the industry we helped to launch, we’re stationed right smack dab in the middle of the telecommunications nerve center of the world. That’s why it’s especially humbling to receive this most recent recognition because the Silicon Review’s profile of our business and our company leaders is created through the lens of another local, legitimate presence in Silicon Valley.

More Than Just Growth

Because of the multitudes of people who count on us being here for them every day when their businesses face challenges that only we can help them through, we need to be at least a little bit focused on making sure we can keep the lights on, too. Where we differ from others, however, is that we see our success only in terms of the success of our customers. We build our products with the help of an open and constant feedback loop of their needs, we reinvest constantly into improving our already award-winning support team, and we know that ultimately we are only as good as our customers feel with our service. That said, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to our most recent growth spurt and we’d like to recommit to you our unflinching dedication to helping your business go to where you want it to, as well. Thanks to you all and here’s looking forward to more shared success!