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Meet The Startup on a Mission to Help Remote Workers Be Productive

Meet The Startup on a Mission to Help Remote Workers Be ProductiveRemote working is less of a niche and more of a standard in 2017. Having the freedom to work remotely does not mean kicking back on the beach holding a piña colada 24/7, but if that’s your thing, you can do just that when you win the Mobile Year Sweepstakes. Remote working means freedom, but it also means a whole other set of challenges outside the scope of a typical 9 to 5 desk job.

No one knows more about remote working challenges then Remotive; a startup that is on a mission to help remote workers be productive. Today we have a special guest in our virtual VirtualPBX office. Meet Adrien Belhomme, a remote working expert at Remotive.

Q1. What is Remotive? Why was it founded?

After spending years helping companies such as Accenture, Google and Buffer think about remote work, Rodolphe learned how to become a great remote worker and decided to start Remotive in 2014, to help people do the same and find a remote job.

Remotive helps 20,000+ remote workers from all over the world to be productive by emailing our best tips, twice a month. Remotive also runs a community where hundreds of actively engaged remote workers support each other. Also, we list over 200 startups who welcome and celebrate remote work, most of which are actively hiring as well.

Q2. What are some main challenges that remote workers face?

Working remotely means working outside of the office. It gives you so many freedoms and perks! But without clear boundaries between working and nonworking hours, it can become difficult to know when to disconnect and switch completely between the two. This is one of the most popular topics in our community, and knowing how and when to disconnect is one of the main challenges that remote workers face.

Q3. What are your favorite productivity hacks?

Establishing a routine is really important. As a remote worker working on multiple projects, I tend to switch tasks too many times during the day. And I can lose my focus. Having a routine and knowing what I’m going to work on in advance is the best hack I know to maximize productivity. Additionally, having a strong routine and schedule is a good way to better delineate between working and nonworking hours.

Q4. What is the Remotive Slack channel like? Why is it a great resource for remote workers?

We see the Remotive Slack team as the world’s largest virtual co-working space. It’s a place where we support each other as a community, and share remote jobs along with the productivity tips to succeed at them! Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a tenured remote worker, you’ll meet like-minded professionals and surely make new friends. We have members from all around the world, working in design, engineering, marketing, and non-tech jobs like virtual assistants.

If you want more tips to help remote workers be productive from the experts at Remotive you can sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Twitter!

Ready to put these productivity tips to the test? Enter for a chance to win over $1,000 in remote working tools.

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Learn From Goldilocks – Custom Voice Solutions

GoldilocksSurely you recall the children’s story of Goldilocks, the young girl who had as particular taste as she did the willingness to violate private property laws to satisfy them. All kidding of the nursery rhyme’s condoning of breaking and entering aside, Goldilocks is a fine example of what we as consumers should come to expect these days. We live in a time where more of our physical world can be customized to suit our exact specification. Advances in manufacturing, accelerated deliveries, and a greater sense of individualism than ever before have all conspired to create a very customized world. As true as this is for consumers, it is unsurprisingly becoming so for businesses because (gasp!), businesses are run by people! It’s with that in mind that we want to roll out the all-new Custom Voice Solutions service from VirtualPBX.

Custom Voice Solutions

When Goldilocks kept on trying new porridge until she found the right temperature, she was doing more than depriving a forest-dwelling family of their humble dinner. Not settling for the first option, easiest one, or simply something that just doesn’t quite fit is the only way to ensure you get what you need. And until recently, businesses looking to solve their every telecommunications need had to settle on an awful lot of items. Custom Voice Solutions aren’t a simple product or service, instead, they include every single technology, technique, and strategy we’ve ever employed to get your communications to where they need to be. In addition to the already impressive array of products and services that we have to offer, our Custom Voice Solutions engineers have the freedom to work with you to ensure that no option is left unconsidered.

What Are you Getting with Custom Voice?

The blond bandit was on to something- try before you buy. But when something is being made specifically for your exact needs, there isn’t an existing product for you to give a test drive with, of course. That’s why we’ve jotted down some examples of various challenges our Custom Voice Solutions clients have had.

  • Designing complex decision trees for separate departments that work closely together like customer service, finance, and sales.
  • Designing an inbound call routing system for a company with one telephone number but different hours of operation (24-hour support but a 9-5 accounting team, for example) for each department to direct traffic accordingly.
  • Defining the best call routing for individual contributors who rotate between field work, in the office, or at alternate locations.

Solutions Made With You, Not For You

I assume that Goldilocks would have been able to have a snack and a nap if she had just opened up to the bears with some dialogue, but we’ll never know. The point here is that we’re not in the business of prescribing the right way for anyone to run their company. Quite the contrary, in fact. Over the course of the past 20 years, we’ve been able to learn a great deal about how certain industries benefit from hosted communications differently from others. We bring that structural expertise and into conversations on your institutional knowledge to build a bespoke telecommunications network that fits your company perfectly and will grow with it seamlessly.

With access to the total spectrum of VoIP features and with the full support and backing of our expert engineers, making a call to solve your every telecommunications need has never been easer. Beginning the process is easy, too, simply get in touch with us today, and we’ll start working for you. You won’t even have to eat any porridge, we promise.

Happy and Healthy for 2017 – Skip the Gym and Workout Your Updates

happy and healthy for 2017You know the routine, New Year’s resolutions are a boondoggle for personal trainers and gyms across the country. For the daily workout set, the heightened foot traffic is a bit of a frustration until the eventual ebb in the tide of gym goers returns to its natural levels. For those well-intentioned people who tried to get right for the new year, though, that brief commitment can come with a lot of disappointment if they fall short of their goals. That’s why I’d recommend that you take care of those low-hanging fruits within reach first. Specifically, stay happy and healthy in 2017 and strengthen your digital footprint first with a quick workout for your software updates, instead.

Healthy and Happy for 2017

Let’s get one thing clear; we’re all about healthy living here. We even commit our company time and identity to giving back with athletics, but let’s be real, that isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’ve outlined this easy way to make sure your life gets a workout and rebuild through your online behaviors, instead.

  • Make sure that you maintain creative and effective password protection practices.
  • Keep up with all of the sweet new technology you got over the holidays and make sure you update your hardware and firmware to keep your connected devices safe and secure.
  • While you’re at it, make sure to regularly search for and install software updates because not all updates are for redesigns or features. Some, like our latest Softphone App Update, are chock-full of patches and fixes that keep you up-to-date with current security developments.
  • The best defense is knowing what to look for. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with some of the top phishing scams that are used to lure victims in.
  • Another way to get both happy and healthy in 2017 is to make sure you are reducing clutter in your email inbox, too. It’s not neccesarily a security issue, but it’ll probably make your life a little easier either way.

Get Started Now

It’s not easy to stop a dedicated hacker from making you their victim, but it is easy to ensure you’re not their first choice. When the bulk of cyber security schemes go down, something to remember is that the bad actors are dealing with thousands of possible targets, and they always choose the path of least resistance. Following these simple steps to keeping your passwords, software, and hardware all up to date in addition keeping an eye out for fishy information requests is all but guaranteed to keep your digital self happy and healthy in 2017 and beyond. Working off all of the holiday cookies, however, is something that no amount of password protection will help with, unfortunately. Stay safe out there and maybe we’ll still see you at the gym.

The Wait is Over! Dash Inbound Call Recording Hits the Full Feature Set

Dash Inbound Call RecordingYou may recall that we opened up a limited time beta test for Dash users to try out the first development of Inbound Call Recording last year. Well, the interest was obviously through the roof and not only did a lot of customers get to try out the best in Inbound Call Recording, but we also got to refine the product just right for its full release. Which, in case you hadn’t guessed it by now, we’re ready to do today! Without any further ado, allow us to introduce you to the all-new and updated Dash Inbound Call Recording!

Dash Inbound Call Recording Hot off the Press

Dash plans already boast an award-winning array of advanced telecom system features, and the list is growing all the time. With the finalized version of the newly-minted Inbound Call Recording hitting the list, we wanted to introduce you to all of the final functions.

  • The ability to select any one of your users’ extensions to automatically record all incoming calls.
  • Multiple methods to access or store your saved conversations.
  • Total freedom of the admin to select which users to get Inbound Call Recording and the ability to activate the feature in just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • A complete how-to set up guide from the experts at VirtualPBX Support to show you how to get your Inbound Call Recording working for anyone on your team.
  • The comfort of knowing that all of your Dash features, Inbound Call Recording, is still backed by VitualPBX 365 Day Support.

Get Started Now

The beta period for Inbound Call Recording has passed but you can still get started with your own Dash VoIP plan for your business including the latest from the Dash engineering team. After you find the right business VoIP plan for your company, reach out to our helpful agents who are standing by right now. Or, if you’ve already signed up and want to let us know how Inbound Call Recording is helping your company, share your story on Twitter or Facebook so that even more people can learn from your success.

The #MobileYear Sweepstakes from VirtualPBX is Live!

virtualpbx-mobile-year-giveawayTired of looking at the pictures of your coworker’s extended trip to SCUBA in Belize while the snow is piling up outside? Or maybe you just are feeling that post-holiday malaise and are carrying the weight of returning to work like a ton of bricks. Well boy oh boy do we have good news for you! Starting now, you can go sign up to win over $1,000 in the tools you need to work from anywhere.

What #MobileYear Is

The #MobileYear Sweepstakes is more than just another sign-up-to-win experience from the depths of the internet. This is an opportunity to win big and live big, all while staying connected to the people, places, and things that matter to you and your business. Take a look at what one lucky winner will receive-

  • One free year of Dash VoIP service for all of your business communications. This award-winning hosted business phone system is easy to use anywhere you have a access to the internet and has a $250 value!
  • A lifetime subscription for up to 5 team members to the Remotive channel on Slack valued at $295! For anyone working remotely or who would want to, Remotive is the single best source of remote work tips, jobs, and community news.
  • A year’s subscription to Sneek, the slickest video chat tool for business out there with a whopping value of $600! This tool lets you check-in and check-up-on all of your team members quickly and personally, no matter where any of you are in the world!
  • And most importantly, you also will win the best prize of all – NO MORE EXCUSES! So sign up now!

The #MobileYear Won’t Last Long

We hope you’re as excited about this great collaboration to offer one lucky winner the chance of a lifetime as we are. Don’t let the excitement distract you from doing what you need to do, go sign up now and make sure your name is in the hat. Because the contest ends on January 31, 2017, you’ll need to act fast. Plus, we’re going to offer you more chances to win with the more people you share the sweepstakes with, so make sure to let everyone on Twitter and Facebook know about the contest early and often. Because, who knows, maybe you’ll both be working remotely thanks to these great tools before you know it.

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