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Telecommunications Triple Threat – Dash Unlimited Product of the Year

2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the YearNow things finally are beginning to feel balanced between the three main pillars of our hosted business telephone services, VirtualPBX Office, Dash, and the newly minted Dash Unlimited. That newfound balance is a result of the recent awarding of the 2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year award, making it the last of these three options to win such an honor. With this recent product of the year award win for Dash Unlimited, the industry experts at TMC, Internet Telephony, and beyond have anointed VirtualPBX’s VoIP services as the ultimate telecommunications triple threat.

Working Together to Win

Every award we’ve ever won has been received with the utmost humility and gratitude, because we know we didn’t earn it by ourselves. We lean on our customers, vendors, peers, and internally on each other to make sure that every step of the way is accompanied by constant course correction. To guide us, we use one of our founding principles based on constantly acting in the best interest of our customers above all else. We’ve learned from the use patterns, pain points, and needs of our industry through this process and that is how we came to create the super-sized version of Dash, Dash Unlimited. By keeping all of the incredible features that made Office Plans the bedrock for enterprise grade performance and including the interface that made Dash the instant sensation in VoIP UX design, we beefed up Dash Unlimited with unlimited minutes for anyone using the service.

Not Done Yet

Just like we said when we accepted the 2016 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for Dash Unlimited , we’re not even remotely finished moving forward. It’s important to recognize this achievement and acknowledge all of the wonderful and talented people we have working together to help make it a reality, but the window for that is slim, nonetheless. That’s because without continuing to press forward and innovate new solutions to meet the needs of our customers, we wouldn’t have built this telecommunications triple threat into what it is. Plus, who is to say they won’t have a few more threats to join them, too, someday?

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Why My Softphone Is My Most Trusted Working From Anywhere App

VirtualPBX Softphone App in EuropeGlobetrotting entrepreneurs working from palm tree lined beaches is the essence of what makes working remotely so appealing to aspiring digital nomads. The truth is working from anywhere is only as fabulous as your connection to your clients and team. In a time where many social communication apps battle to become relevant for business communication, there always seems to be something missing. Staying connected is the lifeblood of business, so it’s important to understand which apps are merely fat, and which apps are lean, mean and drive the bottom line of business.

The Not-So-Daily Grind

As a Community Specialist at VirtualPBX, my job requires constant connectivity to our online communities of hardworking small business owners. I split my time 60/40 between the office grind and the digital nomad lifestyle. One of the most challenging aspects of being an office-nomad hybrid is that I don’t solely rely on my ability to navigate the world of connectivity without an office.

When I replace my cozy office chair for a wooden stool at a Bulgarian cafe I have no need for the dozen communication apps on my phone. What I need is a tool that allows me to carry my desk with me wherever I am in the world. There is only one such communication tool that delivers features that are versatile enough for the on-the-go professional.

Softphone is the Only Phone

My VirtualPBX Softphone App is the only tool capable of carrying an entire load of my office with me wherever I go. With features such as Follow Me Calling, Caller ID, and Business Call Reports, I can stay connected to my team and stay on top of new opportunities to grow our community.

VirtualPBX Softphone App for TravelNot only is it a workhorse, but it is also incredibly affordable. When I recently traveled through Eastern Europe I didn’t have to purchase pay-as-you-go calling plans for each country nor did I have to overpay my mobile carrier back home for an international calling plan. It is seamless and it keeps operational expenses down.

When I need an app that I can count on I use my Softphone App because it is my most reliable business travel companion around. It’s not where I work, but where I can get the job done. In a world where results matter, my Softphone App always allows me to get the job done.

It’s a Real Time World

We get a lot of useful information from our customers about how, when, and where they use their VirtualPBX phone systems. Listening to stories about how mobility and reliability are indispensable for our business partners has what led us to develop product like Dash or features like Follow Me Calling in the first place. Furthermore, once we learned how people were using Dash after we launched it, it was clear that we should begin offering an unlimited minutes option, which we did with Dash Unlimited. The point is that wherever there’s a need for our customers, we want to fill it with a solution. And in a world where every bit of information is available to us in seemingly real time, what we did next seemed like a no-brainer.

Stay Up to Date With Your Activity

Starting today, all VirtualPBX Dash and Dash Unlimited customers will begin waking up to a real time update on their previous day’s account activity. Updated each morning at 7:00 AM PST, all of the previous day’s minutes used will be available for anyone on the account to view. Of course, no VirtualPBX feature roll-out would be complete without the ability to customize them to your exact specifications. That being the case, administrators on the account have the option of selecting which employees have access to the daily updates.

Real Time VoIP

Never Slowing Down

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we like to keep tinkering with our products and building new ones almost nonstop. This latest update is, of course, just another result of that tried and true approach to improvement. To keep you up to date on all of the latest information and product releases in real time, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or sign-up for our Product Newsletter here.

Olympic Medal Count – VirtualPBX Awards

Olympic Medal CountWith over 10,000 athletes in Rio for the XXXI Olympiad this summer and only 28 different sports, there are bound to be some broken hearts and dreams out there. However, for the athletes who walk away from the closing ceremonies with some valuable hardware dangling from their necks, it doesn’t take a record-setting amount for their Olympic medal count to swell their hearts with pride. We’ve been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of some incredible recognition, and much like the countries that the athletes in Rio represent, which is something that fills our entire team with elation and encouragement.

Years of Training

For most Olympians, their trips to Rio represent the culmination of a lifetime of commitment, even if for some that only means a lifetime of fewer than two decades. We’re in the same boat. We are approaching an anniversary and we’re pushing the big 2-0. While young by most standards, our founding in the 1990’s represents effectively the origin of VoIP for business as it’s known today. And because we’ve dedicated everything we do to improve our products and the experiences our customers have while using them, we feel a similar sense of validation and achievement whenever we’re recognized for our hard work.

You Can’t Win ‘em All

Okay, it seems like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky can, but for the most part winning and losing go hand in hand. That’s okay, too, because obviously learning how to do both with grace is an important part of sports. Plus, as difficult to believe it as it may be, we don’t win everything (pause for gasping reactions to roll through the audience). For those times when we come up short, there exists an opportunity to learn how to make the most of the situation and find the little victories. For one, we’re proud that our commitment to our customers’ success creates relationships that supersede any fancy plaque or award. Evidence of that is nowhere more apparent as it is in our customer testimonials or in the terrific rating we have on Consumer Affairs.

But That Won’t Stop Us From Trying

Ultimately, no matter how the chips fall on race day, it’s these endorsements from those we serve that will always mean the most to us. That being said, however, we’re always going to keep striving to boost our own Olympic medal count whenever we can. After all, a little healthy competition is what drives innovation, and we definitely want to stay in the running.

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Working On The Road at VirtualPBX

Working on the RoadWe practice what we preach. Helping people save time and money with a hosted PBX system is obviously important to us, but not as important as it is that we are 100% behind the products we provide. We use our entire suite of products in the same way that we encourage other businesses to use them, and that means that we find ourselves working on the road frequently. Anyone who is working on the road needs their hosted communications system to be something that they can rely on, no matter where they find themselves.

Far And Wide

We have vital contributions coming into our headquarters from team members who live in Florida, Nevada, and even overseas as far as Lima, Peru. All of these team members interact with us in California using our own VirtualPBX technology and that’s how we know it’ll work for any businessperson who is working on the road. In fact, we’ve already taken VirtualPBX technology along for the ride to Industry Conferences, Frankfurt, and it will even be touring Europe (stay tuned!) through the Balkan states, too. What all of this means is that we need to have the confidence that key features that make working on the road possible can be counted on.

But Never That Far Away…

Businesspeople benefit from many aspects of modern technology, but the most applicable for telecommunications is that distance begins to have less of an impact on doing business. With employee presence available 24/7 and the ability to make literally any telephone your desk for the day with Hot Desking, no matter where you’re headed, you can make time for the work you need to get done. Additionally, with the limitless possibilities of universal device compatibility, employees can use their favorite devices while working on the road, even if they have to replace them unexpectedly!

Progress Waits for No One

The march of time stops for nothing, and neither do the lives of your employees. Supporting the needs and eventualities of their lives and never missing an opportunity at work don’t need to be mutually exclusive when you have an advanced hosted VoIP telephone network. And now that Dash comes with up to two weeks free as part of a no-commitment free trial, there’s nothing standing between you and the industry’s most heralded business VoIP platform of 2016. So go ahead and try Dash for yourself. It’s how we manage to keep the engines purring when we’re working on the road, it’s what the pundits can’t seem to stop showering with praise, and it’s probably your best bet to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on your business telephone system.