Press Releases

December 13, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete with VoIP Anywhere Recognized for Outstanding Innovation

December 6, 2011

Clients Can Call Places Like London for Less than Two Cents per Minute

October 18, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Honored For Exceptional IP Communications Solutions

September 13, 2011

VoIP Anywhere streamlines VoIP bandwidth requirements to allow VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections, turning smart devices into fully enabled Virtual PBX VoIP extensions

July 19, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Continues to be Recognized for Outstanding Innovation

July 12, 2011

Company Heats Up and Increases Outbound Calls with Virtual PBX Complete

June 28, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Honored for Exceptional Innovation

June 14, 2011

Online Flower Company Blossoms with Virtual PBX Complete System

May 31, 2011

Volunteers Field Calls for Victims Using the Joplin Tornado Info Facebook Page

May 17, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Selected as a Winner in the Hot Technologies Category

May 13, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Honored for Outstanding Innovation

April 19, 2011

Open VoIP Peering Recognized for Exceptional Innovation

March 22, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Recognized for Outstanding Innovation

March 8, 2011

Virtual PBX Poll of 600+ Business Owners Shows 43 Percent Save $1,000 or More per Month, Fifty-nine Percent Believe They Are More Effective When Working from a Virtual Office

February 22, 2011

Virtual PBX Complete Delivers the Perfect Combination of Power, Flexibility and Deep Feature Set at an Affordable Price

January 4, 2011

Open VoIP Peering Honored with Second Award This Year

December 9, 2008

Customers Hungry For Holiday Pies Get Prompt Response Thanks To Virtual PBX®

December 9, 2008

Network Products Guide Honors Virtual PBX® With Technology Industry’s 2008 Most Valuable Performers Award

November 18, 2008

Virtual PBX® Announces The First Mainstream Hosted Pbx Service To Embrace Open Voip Peering Standards

November 18, 2008

Virtual PBX® Announces New Pricing Packages That Give Users The Industry’s Best Service At The Best Value

October 14, 2008

New Web Tool From Virtual PBX® Provides Fully Configured Professional Phone Service In Minutes

August 13, 2008

Virtual PBX® Enhances Hosted PBX Voicemail With Voicemail Interrupt

July 29, 2008

Virtual PBX® Receives 2008 Best of San Jose Award

June 17, 2008

Virtual PBX® Receives 2007 Product of the Year Award from Communications Solutions

June 4, 2008


December 3, 2007


June 21, 2007


May 7, 2007

Virtual PBX® Announces Major Price Reduction

April 16, 2007

Virtual PBX® Announces Major System Upgrade

April 2, 2007

Virtual PBX® Celebrates 10th Anniversary

October 30, 2006

Hurricane’s Can’t Stop Florida’s Travel Agencies With VirtualPBX

May 22, 2006

Yoga Jo’s Studio “Reaches” New Clientele With VirtualPBX

May 22, 2006

Virtual PBX® Helps Two Entrepreneurial Nurses Give Birth To Fast-Growing OB/GYN Answering Service

March 22, 2006

Independent Research Firm Grants Top Scores To Virtual PBX® Hosted PBX System

February 27, 2006

Virtual PBX® Reports Fourth Consecutive Year Of Over 50% Revenue Growth

January 18, 2006

Virtual PBX® Helps Non-Profit Language Interpretation Company Save Lives In Florida

September 19, 2005

Virtual PBX® Announces PBX Parachute Plus! Hot-Standby Backup Phone System Service

September 19, 2005

Virtual PBX® Appoints John Coyle VP Of Business Development

August 8, 2005

Virtual PBX® Announces Local Number Service

April 27, 2005

Virtual PBX® Announces Ninth Consecutive Quarter of Record Revenues

December 13, 2004

Virtual PBX® Announces New SOHO and Enterprise Offerings

October 25, 2004

Virtual PBXtm Announces Skills-based Call Routing and Integrated Conferencing Features for Hosted Phone Service

September 7, 2004

Greg Brashier Joins Virtual PBX® as VP of Marketing

December 3, 2003

VirtualPBX Partner Program Offers Solution Providers Tools for Market Expansion

August 18, 2003

Businesses Need Not Suffer from Downtime When Power Outages and Other Disasters Strike

May 20, 2003

VirtualPBX™ Receives Basex Excellence Award

May 16, 2003

VirtualPBX Moves To New San Jose Location

April 22, 2003

New Businesses Lower Startup Costs and Get Fortune 500 Image by Outsourcing Phone System

February 19, 2003

Is Your Business Prepared For A Major Disaster?

January 7, 2003

When Business PBX System Fails, Virtual PBX Phone Solution Keeps Communication Lines Open

December 3, 2002

Virtual PBX Under Leadership of New CEO