Maintaining Customer Satisfaction with Business VoIP

A recent Forrester Research report highlights the importance of quality business VoIP phone systems to help gain and retain customers.

There is nothing worse than poor customer service, whether that means experiencing multiple transfers or having to leave several messages before getting a response. Business VoIP offers features like auto attendant, which functions as a virtual receptionist, so you can keep a 24-hour phone line. Your calls will be answered automatically and professionally and directed to the proper department, even when there’s no one in the office.

Additionally, with a VoIP softphone-on-a-mobile-device, your customers and prospective customers can always reach you, even if you’re out of town on a business trip. The technology allows you to route calls to your smartphone or laptop, so you can enjoy full access to your business phone system’s features – including integrating conferencing – from the airport, the hotel room or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Call quality is another important factor that can impact customer satisfaction. Nobody wants to deal with echoes, dropped calls or garbled speech, especially during an important business call. HD voice connections offer crisp, clear high-definition audio so you can focus on providing excellent customer support and not your phone system.

Any executive with good business sense knows that the customer always comes first. Small business owners in particular recognize that fostering good relationships is a critical part of networking and building a company from the ground up. Ensure that your customers are getting the best experience possible by investing in a VoIP phone system today.

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